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NFAA Championship Event Results - 2015

Round 4 - The MSA National Finals, Santa Pod Raceway

Report by Lawrie Gatehouse:

The MSA National Finals was contested by Chaos, for the last time, along with fellow NFAA members Dave Grabham in Freddy’s Revenge, Adam Gleadow in Motor Psycho and Tim Garlick in the Apache NFC.

For the first qualifier, Tim was paired against Dave. After a storming burnout, Apache was shut down with an unspecified problem, leaving Freddy’s Revenge to solo for a 12.532/74.09 win, which was off-the-pace with power delivery problems. Chaos then paired against Motor Psycho, Nick securing the win with a 6.487/175.06 to Adam’s troubled 8.812/117.61, which turned out to be a holed piston, side-lining them from any further appearances.

Nick Davies had lifting early as something felt amiss relating to the rear axle that was making grinding sounds. Taking the cover off the top loader revealed that virtually every tooth had sheared, something that none of us had ever seen before. Luckily the axle casing only had minimal damage, which surprised us, given the debris that was inside. We still had the 3.92:1 rear ring and pinion that we had used two years ago, so we needed to change out these for the damaged pieces.

Setting up a ring and pinion is a difficult, precision, task, so we rang Roy Phelps for help as he had experience in this type of work. Roy was in London but curtailed his visit to get back to the track to help us, arriving in the early evening - a splendid effort.

Needless to say we missed the second qualifier, but Roy and Bill worked until the wee small hours setting up the parts, so that the rest on the crew could refit the axle to the chassis for us to make the semi-finals. That left Tim against Dave, the Topolino still unable to make power, so shutting down without making a burn-out. Apache launched well and Tim recorded the first ever 5 second run by a Nostalgia Funny Car, a 5.996/220.36, giving Tim the No.1 spot.

For the Semi’s on Sunday the weather had continued to be ideal, so Apache had a bye and recorded another 5.997/235.30, a tremendous pass that looked like it was going to be hard to beat in the Finals. Dave still couldn’t get the response needed from Freddy’s Revenge so shut down once more, leaving Chaos to run a tentative 6.602/209.14 to reach the Finals against Apache.

We knew that the Chaos gearing was now too high, so for the final against Apache we did not expect to be able to live with Tim’s now customary 5.9’s runs. It is said that anything can happen in drag racing and so it turned out. On the green, both cars left almost together, but Apache overpowered the track and smoked the slicks, leaving Chaos to card a winning 6.601 to Tim’s 8.302.

What a way to go out for the final run of Chaos, better than we could have hoped for 24 hours earlier !!

So after 10 memorable and enjoyable years, supported by an outstanding driver and crew it is sayonara from Chaos, but parts will be back in other cars in the future. Thanks to you all.

Round 3 - Dragstalgia, Santa Pod Raceway

Report by Lawrie Gatehouse:

Chaos took a different route for this event, in that we chose to help team member Jake Clayton, grandson of Bill Sherratt, get a chance to gain his licence for this nitro class. This was in recognition of the enthusiasm and effort put in by the 22 year old, and the rest of the crew, over the last 4 years.

This meant that we could not go head-to-head with Apache, or any other cars, as Jake had to undertake observed runs.

On the Saturday morning we were allowed by the organisers to squeeze in an early shake-down attempt, basically a burnout and 60’ launch, to get Jake used to the feel of the car. This took place at 10.30 AM and Jake demonstrated complete control of Chaos, to everyone satisfaction.

The first scheduled slot was at 12.30 for Jake to attempt a 330’ pass. He launched with a stellar 60’ time of 1.09s, again under full control.

The only other NFAA car was Freddy’s Revenge, ably piloted by Dave Grabham. Unfortunately they had some power problems, thought to be caused by the clutch locking up too soon, dragging the motor RPM down, so not a representative pass from the likeable team.

Next up was the pairing of Tim Garlick in the Apache NFC against Ramon van der Weurf in the Wild at Heart alcohol ’71 Charger. On the green, Tim pulled a rare red-light, DQ’ing his fine 6.19/224.4 to Ramon’s 6.77/205.3.

The 2nd qualifier took place at 6.00 PM and again Freddy’s Revenge had problems, unable to perform its usual burnout, so was pushed back, to return to the pits. Chaos then went for a half-pass, 4.62/156.8 at the 1/8th, chutes out at 900’.

Next up was a rerun of Tim against Ramon and this time a legal launch for Apache, with a 6.23/222.4 to Ramon’s 6.89/202.4. Then there was 60’ attempt by Bob Glassup in the all new, very sanitary Capri NFC on an observed run. Nice burnout and no problems.

Sunday came with a disappointing change in the weather for the 3rd qualifier, rain and drizzle, delaying our runs until 12.45. Jake went for 1000’ pass in Chaos, another 1.09 60’ time, but at around 500’ a header pipe broke at the weld, so he had to lift with a 4.58/132 at the 1/8th.

Dave Grabham had repeat problems with a lack of power, disappointing for all the team. The Capri flopper ran a good half pass, but smoke was observed at 600’. Apache then staged against Wild at Heart, Tim taking the win, 6.134/221.46 to Ramon’s losing 7.474/142.56.

More drizzle followed and the organisers called the meeting to a halt at around 3.00PM, to everyone’s disappointment, as the weather front was clearing.

From the Chaos team viewpoint, Jake handled the car very sensibly and hopefully will be able to build on that experience.

Round 2 - The SPRC Summer Nationals, Santa Pod Raceway

Report by Lawrie Gatehouse:

Saturday was a lovely warm summer day for the first round of eliminations.

How welcome to see Adam Gleadow in the re-configured Motor Psycho altered to join the fray at Noon, albeit on an observed run due to the chassis modifications.

Adam laid down a strong burnout and staged. On the launch the blower belt snapped at about 100’, dislodging the barrel valve, leaning out the motor, lifting the blower and damaging some valves, side-lining the team for the rest on the event, unfortunately.

Chaos was then paired against the Apache Nostalgia Funny Car, making quite an attractive sight as they both moved into stage. This was a fantastic side-by-side duel all the way to the finish line, Nick Taking it 6.224 to Tim’s 6.375/194.59, not bad for openers. A new PB for Chaos with a terminal speed of 232.76.

The second qualifier was run at 6.35 PM with the track temp of 85F. This time the roles were reversed, but another storming pair of passes. Tim took the win, 6.156/222.44 to Nicks 6.182/225.60, only inches in it at the stripe. Chaos took a trip into the field when the ‘chutes didn’t deploy properly, slight damage to the nose of the body, fixed overnight with fibreglass by the Motor Psycho crew - thanks guys.

What a change on Sunday, rail and drizzle, we thought it was in for the day. Luckily the Gods of drag racing relented, giving us a dry track, thanks to the hard working Santa Pod personnel, just after 1.00 PM.

A re-match of the two cars took place at 2.30 PM with a track temp of 75F and a corrected altitude of +1400 ft. A great start by Chaos, Nick recording a 60’ time of 0.98s to Tim’s 1.04. Nick took the win, 6.182/224.75 to Tim’s 6.242/222.18, yet another close pairing all the way to the finish. However, smoke from the Chaos car indicated some damage, which turned out to be the need to replace no’s, 4, 6 & 8 pistons.

The final for the two cars was held at 7.15 PM on a superbly prepped track. Nick pulled a rare red-light handing the win to the Apache car’s 6.389/220.28, congratulations to Tim, Rob and all the crew, who have worked so hard for the last couple of years.

A consolation for Chaos, Nick and all the crew was another PB of 6.081s, with Nick feeling some damage taking place, hence off the throttle at 1000’ – so close to the ‘fives’…

A great weekend with superb close racing, nip and tuck, by both cars and crews.

Round 1 - The Festival of Power 2015 – Season Opener

Report by Lawrie Gatehouse:

The Team were looking forward to the Festival of Power at Santa Pod, a 3 day meeting, Good Friday to Easter Sunday, to open our account.

The NFAA rounds were run simultaneously with the Nostalgia Fuel Challenge Cup, pitting Altereds against Nostalgia Funny Cars, but with an abbreviated field. On Good Friday no racing was possible due to the cold drizzly weather.

Saturday was dry but very cold with track temps in the 40-45F range, but with good air, recorded as being around minus 400ft above mean sea level.

Nick Davies had a bye for his first run, so an easy half pass for the season opener was scheduled, to check everything out  On the green, he carded a 0.99s 60ft time and a pass of 6.924/139.01 was the result,

The second pass of the day was at 6.45 PM, when we should have been paired against Tim Garlick in the Apache Nostalgia Funny Car.  Unfortunately for Tim, on the previous run the flopper had shattered its windscreen, necessitating fetching a replacement and Dave Grabham having to repair a leaking oil pan gasket, being shut down after the burnout, so Chaos had another bye. Nick duly laid down a 6.270/220.14 with visible hedder flames in the gathering gloom.

The first Sunday pairing was a great side-by-side race, Chaos v Apache, close all the way to the finish line. Nick away first, but Tim was closing by the eighth, 4.047 to Nicks 4.051, then Apache lost a cylinder, so Chaos took the win,6.241/221.21 to 6.268/193.05, there being 0.0497s at the stripe.

Dave Grabham in Freddy’s Revenge had a bye with a fine 7.977/160.22 with smoke coming from the left cylinder bank, but staying on it all the way.

So the final pairing for the Final was Chaos v Apache for the Challenge Cup. Tim was away first, but at the eighth it was Chaos ahead, 3.978/181.78 to 4.112/181.99. Tim’s car then started to drift right as he got tyre shake, so Nick took the win with a new PB of 6.126/230.12, another great race.

Here’s to the SPRC Summer Nationals with better track temperatures, we hope.

NFAA Points Totals: Chaos 260. Freddy’s Revenge 50.