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Trophy time

Well it came round fast – the 2nd Dinner dance and award ceremony to be held at Ettington Chase really seemed to sneak up on us all this year – and what a well attended affair it was.

Firstly, a massive thank you must go to Bob & Catherine Glassup for their part in organising and making the event possible. Bob was unable to attend due to a recent operation on his back – it wasn’t the same without you Bob!

The second casualty to ill health was the class founder and co coordinator Lawrie Gatehouse – Get well soon Lawrie, you were sorely missed, and my duties on the microphone were inflated due to your absence, which meant the class to endure far more umms and ahh’s than found in your excellent public speeches.

With those 2 absences aside, there was a surprisingly great turnout after what had been a difficult year for the class as a whole. The food was fantastic, the music was an improvement on last year and everyone really seemed to have a great time. Thank you to Bill Sherratt for handing out the awards, it was great to have you along. Thanks to David & Helen from Quarter mile high who came along with the Nitro Warriors DVD and hopefully sold a good few copies to racers and crew.

Congratulations must go to the winners of Best Appearing Car – Nuthin Fancy Team, and Best Appearing Crew – The Chaos Team. Joe had made noticeable improvements to his car for the 2011 season and it was clearly noted when it came down to voting. Lawries team had been impeccably presented as always with team attire and showmanship on the track at the forefront of the team Chaos agenda.

With Joe bond scooping his 2nd championship victory, it would be safe to say that his team were in high spirits, having just sold his spare motor, it looks like Joe is set in to invest and improve in 2012. Well done once more to Chaos and Motor Psycho for your 2nd and 3rd achievements respectively.

Lastly, a massive thank you must be said to all the attendees – without your support and continued involvement, there wouldn’t be a dinner dance. We hope you had a great time, and as always, any feedback is always welcome on

Here’s to 2012!
~ Matt Glassup
NFAA Co-coordinator

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