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NFAA Race Procedure


1) We expect to have definite time-slots allocated for our runs. Teams need to have inspected their cars and warmed up, so they are ready to make the call to the staging area. If you miss the call you do not make that Round.

2) The running order will be allocated and you are required to co-ordinate and synchronise your performance with your opponent, in respect of fire-up, burnout and staging.

3) If a pair of cars wish to undertake two burnouts, subject to approval by the Race Director, you are required to agree this together, so that both cars produce side–by-side displays.

4) On the basis that we are putting on a ‘show’ to establish the credibility of the NFAA, cars need to fire-up together and pull to the start area together. Drivers should then visually check the status of their opponent and co-ordinate their burnouts, such that both cars perform side-by-side. 

5) Drivers should light the pre-stage bulb only, until both cars are in pre-stage. Failure to observe this procedure could be grounds for discounting the results of that run.

6) The burnout procedure is to fire-up and burnout side-by-side:

Normal reverse back.

2nd burnout if allowed and agreed.

Normal reverse back.

From this point, note the following differences:

No person shall stand in front of the car as the vehicle should do three

‘chirps’ and a test launch.

Normal reverse back.

One ‘chirp’.

Stage and go.

7) Ensure that you monitor the engine temperatures and have enough fuel to cover the above plus a full pass – we do not want motors ‘leaning out’ at ¾ track !

8) All participating cars are required to be presentable in appearance at all times. Vehicles not meeting this requirement may be excluded from running. Cars must be pitted with the front facing the spectators.

9) All participating crews shall be fully attired in matching outfits, at all times when in the staging, start-line or competition areas of the racetrack.

10) When the run is complete all cars are required to clear the track quickly and to pull up the return road, so as not to impede the progress of the next teams.

11) All sponsors and NFAA decals to be affixed in visible positions on both sides of the car.

12) All teams are required to inform the NFAA if you can, or cannot, make the race meeting as soon as possible and not later than 7 days prior to the event, as these details have to be provided to the Race Organisers.

 13) If you ‘red-light’, your time will stand for Qualifications, but not if an Elimination format is being run and runner-up points apply. The other car takes the ‘win’ points. If both cars ‘red light’, the ‘first or worst’ rule applies.

14) If you cannot run in your designated finals pairing slot, but can run later in the session, you will only be awarded qualifying points.

15) Alternates in semis or finals are only awarded qualifying points.

16) On all matters apart from safety, the promoters decision is final.

If you have any questions about the procedures above or would like to recieve more information please email us at